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I am very excited to share with you, the reader and customer, a bit about how Bookmarks & More 4 U was created.
It started in the year 2000 when I started an eBay based small business, Magyar's Online General Store, from home while proudly being a stay at home mom. I had been drawn to the internet and learning as much as I can about it since it's wide introduction. I enthusiastically became a student of the e-commerce world and found it to be a wonderful opportunity to be independent and creative in the design and selling of many sorts of products!

Certainly through trial and error and successes I continue to learn and appreciate the work of others and to expand my horizons while keeping quality in mind.

When people describe me, the word creative, especially in writing, is the most used descriptive characteristic used! I have sometimes taken my talents for granted but have now realized that because a certain talent or skill may be natural to me, it isn't for everyone and not every talent someone else has is natural for me! I am proudly a featured author at wikiHow where my articles I have helped to create have been read by hundreds of readers.

My hope is to join along with other artisans to help others inspire and encourage the online handcrafted artisan community. I hope to be a success so to financially enable me to write my heart out!

Thank you for your interest and your support! Sheila, BookmarksandMore4UET, Bookmarks & More 4 U!

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